Hello. I'm Ajeet Chaulagain, a full stack developer currently living in Melbourne, Australia and originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have got a serious passion for programming and developing software products that will have great value to the end-user.

Working Expertise

  • Web application development with _React, Node, Express, MongoDB, Gatsby, and GraphQL.
  • Web Application Development with JAM Stack (GatsbyJS)
  • Native Android application development (in Java)
  • Familiarity with implementing concept of Progressive Web App (PWA) in a site.
  • Working knowledge of tools associated with incorporating CI/CD pipeline in a project.

My current set of toolbox and technologies:

Reactjs, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript Docker, Webpack, Babel, Git, Github, npm, postman, Visual Studio Code

Need a developer for your next project?

I do full stack web application development using MERN stack and JAM Stack.You can view some of my projects and its case study.


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